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Nancy Austin

Business Development and Consumer Insights Director

Nancy “Madikilzela”Austin is a business development and consumer insights director at Minanawe Marketing. She has been with Minanawe for 22 years and has extensive knowledge of the mass marketing, she understands consumer trends, lifestyles, purchasing behaviour, in this rapidly chanign marketing. She is able to apply key methodologies and approaches to gain insight into brands.

Affectionally known for her big personality, infectious energy and passion, she is not one to sit by and wait for things to happen.

Nancy’s experience has afforded the opportunity to be invited as a keynote speaker at marketing conferences alongside her CEO GG Alcock, author of Kasinomics.

Talk Topic: Watint’uMama Watint’imbokodo – Don’t mess with Mom she’s a rock. Mom, is a Rock!
UMama is an Afripolitan, but what does that mean when traditions change in the maternal continent of Africa. There is a misconception that Moms are powerless in a matriarchal society but with Mother led homes, brands need to understand the roles of uMama, daughter, aunty, gogo in families and in family decision making particularly in shopping.  Talking to Mama? How do we connect emotionally.

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