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Olwethu Leshabane

Blogger and Influencer

Olwethu Leshabane, is a 28-year-old wife and mother of three boys; Mikaili – 7, Morgan – 6 and Malik – 11 Months. She is a brand strategist with expertise in digital and through the line marketing and advertising. Her strategic communications skills and inquisitive and unique eye for strategic media communication have made her a sought-after asset in the brand building, digital, communications and public relations industries. This has led her to work with, and build, celebrity and product brands. Olwethu has regular current affairs, lifestyle, sport and entertainment features on a number of radio and TV platforms and currently has a resident lifestyle feature every Friday on Power FM 987. Olwethu is a Brand South Africa Play Your Part Ambassador, Vital Voices Lead Fellow and reality TV star. Her passion for female empowerment has led her to make a positive difference in the lives of others through her organization, The Red Wings Project, which aims to address the lack of adequate sanitary education, access to water and sanitation facilities for underprivileged women and girls in Africa.

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