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Festive Season Marketing Tactics

Festive Season Marketing Tactics

Moms make 75% of household buying decisions. This stat is even more prevalent during the festive period. Mom is actively seeking quality, quirky and affordable products to spice up the holidays. The big question is, “how do I place my brand or product in front of mom during this time?” Below, we touch on a few marketing tactics which you can use to elevate and differentiate your product from others, in an intensely competitive environment.

Gift Guides, Catalogues and Wishlists

Forget about these? You can still find them as you wait in the entrance queue at your local grocery to identify all those new and exciting specials on offer. Taking a placement in an annual gift guide or online wishlist is an affordable way to grab mom’s attention. Want to boost your presence? Ask the publisher for advertising space in the directory, or pay for your product feature in the ‘latest and greatest’ category. The Mama-To-Be Wishlist, created by the MamaMagic team, was developed for this very reason, to help brands form a presence within the mom market. Since its conception in August 2020, the wishlist has garnered over 60 000 registered users and shows no sign of slowing down.

Pinterest and Social Media in General

E-commerce via social media channels has exploded in popularity since the pandemic. Brands were looking for a quick and effective way to reach and engage with the consumer in real-time. Simply boosting a brand or product post and running a Facebook (Meta) ad campaign with the correct segmentation can prove very effective in increasing engagement and acquiring quality leads. The underdog of social media accounts, Pinterest, is a massive hit with moms that want some décor, activity or gift ideas and inspiration. Ensure your brand’s presence on this platform so that moms have the opportunity to pin your product to their boards.

Short-Format Videos

Goodbye, long product commercials and hello to the age of Tik-Tok and Instagram reels. What were known as viral tools for teens have expanded to become platforms that brands can leverage to curate short, abstract and trendy product-related content that can tickle anyone’s funny bone. As brands, we need to connect with all kinds of moms, especially the up-and-coming gen-z mom who spends hours of the day on TikTok or Instagram and might be a content creator herself.

Influencer Marketing

The online mom community is HUGE, and there are certain mom voices online that influence the buying decisions of other moms that follow them. Approach an influencer who matches your brand values and objectives, collaborate on content and deliverables, and negotiate a rate (some influencers are interested in trade-offs). Using influencers is an excellent form of marketing to get moms talking and interacting with your brand. Following the recognition of the value of authenticity, moms want to hear from a person, a familiar voice, rather than a product name or slogan. Want to hit the nail on the head? Ask the influencer to do a product demo and review or create an experience video of her shopping for your product online or in-store.

Niche Marketing

Please remember, your product or brand cannot be everything to everyone. It’s essential to identify who your target market is, their values and behaviours, what they want or need, and how to tailor communication to them, based on these variables. Yes, there will be some generic ads out there; however, you won’t sell a high-end travel system to a single expectant mom struggling to make ends meet. Instead, she will be looking for a safe, quality and affordable travel system that suits her budget. If you have a product range, make sure you touch on how it can make moms’ lives easier, because as consumers, that’s all they want.

The time is now to be bold in your marketing strategy this festive season, and we hope these tips gave you the insight to kick off your marketing campaigns. Need more guidance? Contact the Exposure Marketing team to learn about how we can assist your brand get the coverage it needs this holiday season.

Happy Marketing!

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