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#Behindthebrand: Meet Dominique Harvey, Brand Manager For PURITY Nutrition

#Behindthebrand: Meet Dominique Harvey, Brand Manager for PURITY Nutrition

As the brand manager for PURITY Nutrition, Dominique Harvey, loves working with this historically iconic brand that has literally been a part of the development and growth of many children. PURITY has been a guide and partner to parents along their parenting journey for decades. Harvey asserts that her role is made all the more fulfilling, as she has the good fortune to work with a team that is passionate and driven to do what’s best for the consumers and the brand.

“My journey in marketing has been exciting and I have had the opportunity to work on many well-known brands across different industries. My experience spans personal care, beverages, baby and food and currently my experience in food and baby comes together perfectly in my role as the brand manager for PURITY Nutrition,” she says.

“For me, probably the most interesting aspect of my job is the diversity; each area requires different skills, opportunities and challenges, but I particularly enjoy the strategy side of things and building brand love.

In brand management, one really needs to be able to multi-task. You will go from working on the creative messaging and look and feel of the brand, to the financials, product artwork and labelling… all under the umbrella of effective project management. Each project requires a holistic investment on the part of the brand manager. Ultimately, though, I think the most important element in being a successful brand custodian is having passion for what you do! Really believing in the brand and what the brand stands for is essential, along with being consumer-centric and ensuring that your brand keeps up with the trends and constantly innovates.”

Working on a baby food brand from a marketing perspective has its challenges as there are numerous regulations that need to be adhered to, and this can be limiting at times. A primary prerequisite for the PURITY Marketing team, therefore, is to work very closely with their regulatory and legal teams to ensure that they stay within these parameters and that their consumers are protected.

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