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#WomensMonth: The Power Of A Story – Leading Us To Change

#WomensMonth: The power of a story – leading us to change

The topic of gender equality in the workplace is not new. All too often, headlines today call out yet another woman who has spoken out against the injustices she has experienced because of her gender. If anything, this proves that today, gender inequality is still very much alive and well in the workplace.
We see these inequalities show up in other areas – the gender pay gap, cases of sexual harassment and issues with the lack of women represented at senior management levels, to name a few.Despite these challenges, I believe that as women, we have taken a crucial step forward in the fight for gender equality. Today, women are significantly more vocal than we have been in the recent past, boldly, and unashamedly sharing our stories of discrimination. Be it in a public social media post that goes viral or even just amongst our immediate colleagues, women are speaking up more and calling out the injustices of gender inequality and rightfully demanding reform.

What we are seeing is the power of solidarity coming to life …READ MORE

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