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Helping brands actively engage with the Mom-sumer!

Tapping into the potential of the ‘mom-sumer’ requires a thorough understanding of the South African mom market and all that it encompasses.

The Power of the Mom

There is nothing more powerful than a mother. She is an integral part of every household. In the South African context, she is often the main bread winner in the house and most importantly – she is largely the decision-maker in the household. She makes the important decisions in the household, such as which brands are the best for her and her family. As a brand, how do you effectively communicate with THE most influential member of the household and have a significant impact on shopping behaviour. How do you communicate with the ‘mom-sumer.’

How Do You Appeal To the Powerful Mom in Each Household?

Tapping into the potential of the powerful mom requires thorough understanding and knowledge of the South African mom market and all that it encompasses. As leaders in the South Africa parenting marketing for over 17 years and having done extensive research into the mom market, Exposure Marketing understands exactly that the how to market to South African moms. Through the Power of Mom platform Exposure Marketing can empower brands, managers and business owners to tap into the minds and hearts of the influential mom market and create brand experiences that resonate with biggest decision-makers in South African households.


of moms make all household purchasing decisions.


of moms make all baby related purchases.

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What is the Power Of Mom Platform

The Power of Mom is a platform designed by Exposure Marketing to help brands better connect with South African moms. Through this platform, brands can access industry first insights, best practices, practical tips and tricks, and the latest research around the parenting industry to help them tap into the power of the mom-sumer. Exposure Marketing also has tailor-made solutions to help your brand better connect with your target market.

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